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royalmaterial | C.S.R Activities
royal material
Hot line: +95 9797006070

Opening Hour - 8:30AM ~ 5:00PM

C.S.R Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities of Royal Material Co., Ltd.

We did C.S.R activities on independent day, 2017 at YGW orphan monastery, Uto Village, Tikekyee Town, Yangon Region. We caredabout 240 numbers of orphans. We donate food to the monks and the orphans with breakfast and lunch, medicines, rice, edible oil, stationaries, sports materials, money for fund and sundry needs for the monks. We picked up rubs around the monastery compound. We cleaned dishes. We warmly and kindly treat and care to the children.We also encouraged children who were playing sports games.


Finish Projects

Here’s some of our finished site

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